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DRP HOT PICKS this week include:
images/Ajania_pacificum_Pink_Ice-sm.jpgAjania pacificum Pink Ice images/Astilbe_Chocolate_Shogun-sm.jpgAstilbe Chocolate Shogun images/BUDDLEIA_PINK_DELIGHT-sm.jpgBUDDLEIA PINK DELIGHT
images/GRASS_pennisetum_a._LITTLE_BUNNY-sm.jpgGRASS pennisetum a. LITTLE BUNNY images/HEUCHERA_micrantha_PLUM_PUDDING-sm.jpgHEUCHERA micrantha PLUM PUDDING images/Mum_CHELSEY_White-sm.jpgMum CHELSEY White
images/Mum_Edana_Red-sm.jpgMum Edana Red images/Mum_Hankie_Yellow-sm.jpgMum Hankie Yellow images/Mum_Jacqueline_Pink-sm.jpgMum Jacqueline Pink
images/Mum_Tabitha_Scarlet-sm.jpgMum Tabitha Scarlet images/Mum_Yolanda_Yellow-sm.jpgMum Yolanda Yellow images/NEPETA_mussinii_SIX_HILLS_GIANT-sm.jpgNEPETA mussinii SIX HILLS GIANT
images/NIPPONANTHEMUM_Montauk_Daisy-sm.jpgNIPPONANTHEMUM Montauk Daisy images/SAGINA_subulata_Aurea-sm.jpgSAGINA subulata Aurea images/SEDUM_spectabile_AUTUMN_JOY-sm.jpgSEDUM spectabile AUTUMN JOY
images/SEDUM_spurium_RED_CARPET-sm.jpgSEDUM spurium RED CARPET images/Sedum_Lemon_Ball-sm.jpgSedum Lemon Ball images/Solanum_pseudocapsicum-sm.jpgSolanum pseudocapsicum

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